Greeting, rather than repressing emotions

Published January 13, 2015 by Metaphysicalmusings

I just finished Fear by Thich Nhat Hanh.

I never shut up about his other book, Peace Is Every Step, which I LOVE! Seriously. Go read it. Right now!

Fear had a lot of the same lessons and themes as PIES, but there were a few new things.

I found Fear really helpful right now, since I am transitioning into a new job, which means finding daycare for my son, and a change in the routine. Really, just a heck of a lot of change. A lot of us don’t like change. We’re happy to stay in the routines we are used to and tend to get our backs up when something is different.

I have been doing a lot of practicing the techniques I have learned for decision making, managing stress and listening to my intuition.

Just today, I thought I was going to have a panic attack at my desk. After talking to a friend, and taking a few deep breaths, I pulled myself out of the trap that I was falling into. I asked myself why I was reacting this way, and what my emergency is right in this moment. You know what? There wasn’t one.

Like Deepak Chopra says, there is nothing to fear in the present.

Ego me was saying things like:

“What if I suck at this new job?”
“What if they don’t like me?”
“What if I don’t like them?”
“What if my son doesn’t take to the daycare lady?”

So I said to my ego, “Shut up, Ego. All of these sentences start with what if? – guess what? That’s not happening in this moment, so why am I worrying about it?

If what we put our energy into is what manifests, if I continue this pattern of thinking, everything is going to go wrong.”

Rather than reacting to my emotions, I decided to take a page out of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book and acknowledge the emotions I was feeling, rather than repressing them.

Thich Naht Hanh uses phrases that he says in his mind, while he is breathing consciously. I was trying it in the car on the way home.

“Breathing in, I know I am anxious.
Breathing out, I smile at my anxiety.”

“Breathing in, I know I am scared.
Breathing out, I smile at my fear.”

I found that this process really helped me to remember that I am in control of how I react to things, and what emotions I decide to use. By acknowledging, rather than just reacting, you remain more present in the moment, like with meditation. You acknowledge the thoughts and you let them go.

I thought I’d share that since it helped me today. I hope it can help you too!


2 comments on “Greeting, rather than repressing emotions

  • I’m definitely going to have to pick that book up. Sometimes I repress my emotions or just react immediately to the situation at hand. Acknowledging your emotions and letting them go seems like a much healthier way of dealing with things. Nice post! Good luck on your new job.

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